My first post…Rambling thoughts about kids and football!

•October 29, 2009 • 1 Comment

Hmmm….my first post. Whatever shall I write?
I decided to start keeping a blog at the insistance of a few very smart people that seem to think it would be good for me. I’m not saying it won’t…and most certainly sometimes it’s better to get things out then let them fester…but I tend to doubt that most people would be interested in my periodic ramblings. Regardless, here it goes!


Today, my mind seems to be settling on two vastly different topics: My children….and college football.  I have two children, Ryan and Gabrielle. Ryan is 13 years old and in the 7th grade…(should be in 8th but was held back in 3rd for maturity reasons.) Gabrielle is 9 and in the 4th grade. Both have ADHD to varying degrees and I would bet money that my daughter has some mild form of Asperger’s. These are two very high maintenance children…and sometimes it’s all I can do to keep my head on straight around them. Each has their own unique set of issues and the older they get, the more I see how I used to be in each…and in some case, how I still am.

Ryan is technically a teenager…but his maturity level is below that. He bounces back and forth between legos and school dances, mostly unsure of what is required of him to be accepted by those around him. He’s not good at reading social situations and tends to focus any and all discussion on himself….because he doesn’t know what else to talk about. He is introverted…disorganized and at a loss sometimes academically. He was diagosed with ADHD at age 5 and there are many days that I feel we have never found the right medication with him. I spend a lot of time at home re-teaching whatever was taught in school that day just so that he has a base understanding of it.
Gabi is her own little creature….completely different than Ryan. She is a smart girl with an amazing vocabulary and a larger-then-life personality. She is the type of child that makes you want to shake her and hug her, all at the same time. Her issues stem from the fact that she is the ultimate control freak…and she wants to do what she wants to do..when she wants to do it. This usually conflicts with what the adults around her want.

Both have their social issues…trying to find out where they fit in. Ryan is stuck between his football friends and those that would rather play chess all day while Gabrielle doesn’t seem to stick with one group for very long…floating happily around but every now and then, cries because no one wants to play with her. As a parent, your heart breaks because you can’t fix everything for them but then you remember back to when you were growing up…and realize that for everything you are going through and how it might feel, someday things will be okay. There are good days and bad days…and right now I just pray that there are more good then bad…for their sakes’.

Of course, I can’t write everything I’m thinking but as this blog progresses, hopefully I’ll be able to go more in-depth with things. My mind tends to process about one million things at a time so trying to type that all out offers a few challenges…and is pretty much impossible!
So if I talk about sometimes that’s painful, I should be able to reward myself with something that I -love- talking about, right? Not that talking about my children is painful….don’t get me wrong. I love them with every breath of my being and ounce of my soul. But they are challenging and getting that emotion out in the open is one of the purposes of this blog.

Football! I love college football. I am a huge Oregon State Beavers fan. I haven’t always been a football fan, however. I didn’t understand the game in high school, although I went to all the games! I didn’t really begin to watch and understand things until a few years ago. There was never any question to where my loyalities would be.

I remember going to my first college football game and being overwhelmed by the feel of the stadium. The atmosphere is just amazing. Electric and exciting! I could try to explain it but sometimes I don’t think there are words that can even come close. I love making that trip to Corvallis and cheering on the OSU football team. It’s nice to be wrapped up by that atmosphere for a while…and forget about the real world.
Not that the real world is -that- bad….but everyone deserves a break every now and then!